October 22, 2015


[1] Tafti, A.P., Hassannia, H., Piziak, D. and Yu, Z., 2015. SeLibCV: A Service Library for Computer Vision Researchers. In Advances in Visual Computing (pp. 542-553). Springer International Publishing. [SpringerLink]

[2] Tafti, A.P., Hassannia, H. and Yu, Z., 2015. siftservice. com-Turning a Computer Vision algorithm into a World Wide Web Service. arXiv preprint arXiv:1504.02840. [arXiv]

[3] A. Pahlavan Tafti, H. Hassannia, A. Borji, and Z. Yu, 2015. Computer Vision as a Service: Towards an Easy-To-Use Platform for Computer Vision Researchers. CVPR 2015, Vision Industry and Entrepreneur Workshop (VIEW 2015). [PDF]



GE Healthcare Honorable Mention Award, UWM Poster Competition, April 2015.

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