October 22, 2015

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SeLibCV is an ongoing research project being developed by Biomedical Modeling and Visualization (BMV) Laboratory in Computer Science Department at University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, USA. The entire services is publicly and freely available for any academic, educational and research purposes.
The Biomedical Modeling and Visualization Laboratory at UW-Milwaukee has been established and directed by Prof. Zeyun Yu. The primary research topics in the Lab include image analysis, computer vision, geometric modeling, and scientific computing and visualization.



Ahmad Pahlavan Tafti

Hamid Hassannia

Prof. Dee Piziak

Prof. Dee Piziak



We would very much like to thank the following people for their invaluable feedback and suggestions:
Dr. William Hoff
Ehsan Shirzadi
Dr. Arash Mafi
Dr. Rich Radke
Dr. Ethan Munson
Dr. Ichiro Suzuki


Patent Notice:

The below patent has been issued for the SIFT algorithm embodied in the SeLibCV (http://selibcv.org): “Method and apparatus for identifying scale invariant features in an image and use of same for locating an object in an image,” David G. Lowe, US Patent 6711293 (March 23, 2004). Provisional application filed March 8, 1999. Publication Number: US6711293 B1. Original Assignee: The University of British Columbia.

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