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Computer vision as a computational technology has made a big advance in many scientific disciplines including biomedical, industrial, social, and natural sciences. Most of the computer vision algorithms are complicated in code, and their implementations are available for only a few platforms. This operational restriction causes various difficulties to utilize them, and even more, it makes different challenges to establish novel experiments and develop new research ideas. The overall objective of the SeLibCV is to provide a Software as a Service (SaaS) library for computer vision researchers worldwide that facilitates Rapid Application Development (RAD), and provides application-to-application interaction by tiny services available on the Internet. An Internet connection is all we need! The main functionality of the SeLibCV covers a wide range of computer vision algorithms including image processing, features extraction, object detection, and classification.
SeLibCV is an ongoing research project developing by the Biomedical Modeling and Visualization Laboratory in Computer Science Department at University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, USA.

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Ahmad P. Tafti, PhD (PI)

Ahmad P. Tafti

Zeyun Yu, PhD (Co-PI)

Prof. Zeyun Yu

Hamid Hassannia, MS

Hamid Hassannia

Dee Piziak, MS

Dee Piziak


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